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Pediatric Oncosurgery

Survival rates for children with cancer have improved dramatically over the past three decades. This improvement is due to the multi-modal therapy administered to children with cancer. The window between diagnosis and treatment is crucial to prevent life-threatening metastasis.

Chemotherapy prior to resection of a tumor has allowed the surgeon to perform less radical operations. Advances in surgical technique, anesthetic monitoring, and postoperative management have also significantly reduced the morbidity and mortality associated with resection of tumors.

Early involvement of a surgeon in the care of most children with cancer is warranted. Very few patients are "cured" without some surgical intervention.

Surgeons play a key role in performing biopsy procedures. The correct choice of the biopsy technique and approach requires a thorough understanding of the patient's disease. Resection of tumors requires a special knowledge of the natural history of the patient's malignancy. The pediatric surgeon oncologist must clearly understand the role of resection and the goals of resection. Pediatric surgeon also help in installation & removal of chemotherapy parts.

Some of the common solid organ tumors in children are:
  1. Wilms tumor : involves kidneys
  2. Hepatoblastoma: involves liver
  3. Neuroblastoma : usually involves thorax or abdomen
  4. Other germ cell tumors involving testis, ovaries etc
  5. Hemangiomas : vascular tumors of skin
  6. If your child has been diagnosed or has suspected tumor involving the thorax, abdomen or genitalia then we are always there to answer all your questions and provide guidance