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Evaluation of clinical and radiological factors determining the need of post-operative ventilator requirement in patients of esophageal atresia. Ajay Kumar Verma,Gurmeet Singh, Anand Pandey, Ashish Wakhlu, Jiledar Rawat , Shiv Narain Kureel . 23 sep 2017 Oral paper
Neonatal Jejunal intussusception with duplication cyst as a lead point – A rare presentation of neonatal small bowel obstruction. Ajay kumar verma,Digamber Chaubey, Archika Gupta, Anand Pandey, Shiv N Kureel. 22 sep 2017 Poster presented
Management of impalpable testis; Can we follow modified Jones procedure with post-operative hormone therapy as a new safer alternative to establish the procedures ? Ajay Kumar Verma, Abhishek Singh, Archika Gupta, Anand Pandey, Shiv N Kureel 4th annual conference of UP and Uttarakhand Chapter of IAPS 2017, 15 april 2017 Paper presented
Anorectal malformation with rectoscrotal fistula masquerading as low malformation; avoiding complications with precise diagnosis and tailored interventions. Ajay kumar verma, Shiv narain kureel, archika gupta, anand pandey, piyush kumar, digamber chaubey, kanoujia sunil 4th annual conference of UP and Uttarakhand Chapter of IAPS.2017 15 april 2017 Paper presented
Bladder Exstrophy: comparison of anatomical bladder neck repair with innervation preserving sphincteroplasty versus young dees Leadbetter bladder neck reconstruction. Ajay kumar verma, archika gupta, shiv narain kureel, ashish wakhlu, jiledar rawat. International pediatric & Adolescent Urology workshop 3-5 march 2017 Poster presentated
Extragonadal parascrotal germ cell tumour with metachronous penile metastasis: A rare presentation. Ajay Kumar Verma, Archika Gupta, Anand Pandey, Digamber chaubey, Kanoujia Sunil, S N Kureel; IAPSCON 28sep-02oct 2016 Poster presented
Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of liver, extremely rare variant. A case report. Ajay Kumar Verma, Piyush kumar, Tanvir Roshan Khan, Nitin Pant, Ashish Wakhlu; IAPSCON 28sep-02oct 2016 Poster presented
Perineal schwannoma in a child- an uncommon presentation. Ajay kumar Verma, Anand Pandey, Archika Gupta, SN Kureel ; IAPSCON 28sep-02oct 2016 Best poster
Anorectal malformation with Recto-scrotal fistula Masquerading as Low Malformation; Avoiding Complications with Precise Diagnosis and Tailored Interventions. Ajay Kumar Verma, Shiv N Kureel, Archika Gupta, Anand Pandey, Piyush Kumar, Digamber Chaubey, Kanoujia Sunil IAPSCON 28sep-02oct 2016 Short oral paper
Anti-Reflux Status post Roux-en-Y Anastomosis:An Experimental Study for Optimal Anti-Reflux Technique. A K Verma, O P Purbey, S N Kureel, A Pandey, A Gupta, S Kanoujia, D Chaubey, IAPSCON 28sep-02oct 2016 Long oral paper presented in UCC award session.
3rd annual conference of UP and Uttarakhand Chapter of IAPS; 23-24 jan 2016 Short oral paper presentation